Palladium Still Hand Print Durer of Native American Art Culture and John De Lancie
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Platinum Art Lighting Rembrandt of Night for Day and Gro Harlarn Brundtland

Palladium Still Hand Print Durer of Native American Art Culture and John De Lancie

Art Takes Paris

Unlimited Grain 2011
by Frans Peter Verheyen
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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Royal Photographic Society Journal, May 2009

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Stanton Opinion: 'We Walk in Beauty'

Gary Auerbach is a dinosaur in a digital world, producing rare and luminous platinum photographs through a painstaking, antiquated process....

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Gallery show features images just before Old Tucson fire


Platinum photograph of Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) in the bar at the Old Tucson Sound Stage during the filming of 'Birth of Legends'. Last photograph taken on the set before it burned down one week later. (April, 1995) 8x10 negative, Paramount Pictures). Photo by Gary Auerbach

Tucson photographer Gary Auerbach will have a solo exhibition covering 30 years of work at the Rancho Linda Vista Gallery in Oracle. Opening reception is 1 – 5pm, Sunday, Sept. 7. Exhibit runs Sept. 1 – 30.

Subjects include some of the last photographs taken on the sound stage and sets at Old Tucson before many of the original buildings at the historic movie studio burned in a massive fire in 1995. 

The images showcase a variety of printing methods from 8x10 and 11x14 large format negatives. Auerbach says they include platinum/palladium, Cibachrome, cyanotype, gum bichromate and even stereoscopic platinum among others.


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