Platinotype Archival Contact print Chiaroscuro of Assiniboine and Richard Dean Anderson
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Palladium Watercolor Papers Hand Print Durer of Apache Indian Nation and Taj Mahal

Platinotype Archival Contact print Chiaroscuro of Assiniboine and Richard Dean Anderson

Three Apache Girls, San Carlos Arizona<br>Platinum Photograph
Three Apache Girls, San Carlos Arizona
Platinum Photograph


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George Whitman, noted proprietor of Shakespeare & Company in Paris, is dead at 98.

Three photographs of Gary Auerbach were accepted into the Musee Carnavalet permanent collection.

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Bondy International Cultural Arts exhibition, Paris France.  October 16-24, 2010

Article in Royal Photographic Society Journal, May 2009

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David Auerbach highlighted in the New York Times

The platinum photograph is known to be the most archival way to produce a photographic print. Platinum metal salts are hand coated, and photographically etched into watercolor paper. The platinotype is made to last five hundred to one thousand years.

My specialty is portraiture, specifically large format platinum portraiture. With less than fifty photographers in the world specializing in this type of portraiture, I find satisfaction in educating a public that knows little about platinum photography and the platinotype.

Please visit my gallery and enjoy the images presented.


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