Drawing Studio Still Hand Print Photographer of Notre Dame de Paris and John De Lancie
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Ansel Art Contact print Chiaroscuro of Night Cafe in Paris France and Gro Harlarn Brundtland

Drawing Studio Still Hand Print Photographer of Notre Dame de Paris and John De Lancie



 Intaglio printing process using a photographically etched copper plate that is inked and then run through a high pressure press which transfers the image to receiver sheet of paper with a platemark

Chine Colle Photogravure  is unusual for it requires a tissue paper (Gampi Yamaguchi)  to be first airbrushed with an archival starch glue on the back side. The tissue paper is then trimmed to the precise size of the printing plate. Moistened before printing,  the tissue stretches and then has to be recut to precisely fit the image area. Upon printing, the inked plate is set on the press, the sized tissue is put face down (glue side up) on the inked plate, and then the Durer Hahnemuhl is placed on the top of the Tissue. Upon running thru the press, the tissue paper is embossed into the Durer watercolor paper in perfect registration. It is considered one of the most beautiful ways to produce a photogravure print (as well as expensive and laborious) with a unique luminosity produced by the tissue overlaying the matt finished Durer paper.

An extraordinary American Art Portfolio of 5 photogravures in an exquisite Japanese linen exhibition box; including three letterpress sheets. Signed and numbered 1-15



It includes a hardbound and slipcased Book of 12 tribes of Native Americans with accompanying text including 44 duotone photographs and 26 oral history interviews, hand-signed and numbered.

Available in an edition of 15


5 Tissue sets printed on Gampi Yamaguchi  @  $5,000
5 Chine Colle sets printed on Gampi Yamaguchi and Durer Hahnemuhle  $5,000
5 Natural proof sets printed on Durer Hahnemuhle.   @   $4,500




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