Platinum Camera Lighting Chiaroscuro of Night for Day and McGiver
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Platinum Camera Lighting Chiaroscuro of Night for Day and McGiver

After exposing a 4'' x 5'' sheet of Polaroid film, Auerbach soaks a heavy watercolor paper in a bath of 100 degree water. Then the exposed film is allowed to process for about ten seconds instead of the usual 60. The Polaroid film is seperated from its backing and immediately pressed onto the watercolor paper. The image then continues to develop on the watercolor paper instead of the regular glossy paper. While the emulsion is still wet, Gary has great flexibility in manipulating the image to suit his vision. Since the only original is used in the process, each piece is one of a kind. For more information, read Gary's article published by Alternative Photography.

Elizabeth I
Elizabeth II
Donine II

When I had a studio in the Arts District of Tucson, Arizona, I had the opportunity to meet many of the "Night People" that inhabited the District on weekend nights. These are just some of those people that make the arts district the magical place that it is.

Twins' Night Out
The "B" Girls

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