Photogravure Architectural Book Hockney of Apache Indian Nation and Ansel Adams
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Photogravure Architectural Book Hockney of Apache Indian Nation and Ansel Adams

Birth of Legends
Abduction:  shot near Nogales where a group of marauders kidnapped a young girl seen running across the set between the house and horses.
John de Lancie

John de Lancie as Janos Bartok, sitting in his laboratory wearing a labcoat.

John de Lancie
Bartokstanding in his
John de Lancie in Paramount Pictures
Bartok throwing a bomb from a platform of a hot air balloon. Asst director Todd Swindell and director Correll watching behind cameraman.
Paramount Pictures
Douglas Rowe,
Richard Dean Anderson
Richard Dean Anderson
held in Jail cell in Mescal,
Old Tucson Soundstage
Bar scene at Old Tucson sound stage of Anderson drinking. Last photograph taken in the Old Tucson Sound stage before it burned down the next week.
Richard Dean Anderson and Birth of Legends director Charlie Correll
Richard Dean Anderson and Director
Charles Correll standing on Main Street
in Mescal.
Richard Dean Anderson, Mescal, Macgyver
Portrait of Richard Dean
Anderson taken off camera
in Mescal.
Richard Dean Anderson, Legend, Arizona
Richard Dean Anderson in his wicker car driving around the set.


“Birth of Legends” (A film by Paramount Pictures starring Richard Dean Anderson and John de Lancie, directed by Charles Correll 1995)

An agreement was reached in 1994 between Michael Greenberg and Paramount Pictures to produce a number of films which included “Birth of Legends”.
Written by Michael Pillar and Bill Dial, it starred Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver), in a story about the 1870's West, where a boozing dime novelist
(Richard Dean Anderson) assumed the identity of his books' hero, Nicodemus Legend.

It was directed by Charles Correll to be photographed in Tucson Arizona. In March of 1995. I had the pleasure to play a round of golf with Mr. Correll before
shooting started, and asked him if he was interested to have someone shoot with an 8x10 view camera on the set during the filming. He agreed, and the following
images were taken during the next two weeks. The locations were in Tucson, the Old Tucson sound stage, a site near Nogales, and in the town of Mescal, near
Benson Arizona. All images were taken with an 8x10 Wisner view camera, and printed in the platinum palladium photographic process.

To view enlarged images from 'Birth of Legends', click here.

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