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The Zigs and Zags and Overlaying Circles of Personal Change:
Accountant, Chiropractor, Pistachio Farmer, Photographer

By Dr. Zara S. Larsen; Architects of Change

Dr. Gary Auerbach graduated from the U of A in 1970 and went to work as an accountant in San Francisco before changing careers to attend chiropractic school in Iowa. Having an affinity to the corporate and business world, Gary not only went into private practice back in Tucson, he also became involved in the State’s early Chiropractic Association, what became a lifelong commitment to advancing his field of medicine on an international level.  This included a project with the World Health Organization and in the late 80’s, and eventually linking 80 national chiropractic associations across the globe.

Due to a wrist injury in 1991, Gary had to leave chiropractic practice.  Not to be deterred from expanding his horizons, he taught himself how to make a platinum photograph, the longest lasting form of photographic printing that leverages his x-ray know-how from medicine, with large format film in a field camera.  Gary also started a consulting job with one of the largest chiropractic schools.

Gary’s work in portraiture led to a 15 year project photographing American Indians, now included in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian, as well as contributing to museum collections around the world and publishing a book. 

And if that isn’t enough to share about this unique individual, he and his brothers and parents they started a pistachio farm, planting 4000 seedlings every year for nine years, resulting in 36,000 trees, a farm that 25 years later was sold to the Greek Orthodox church.  And Gary is continuing graduate work in Public Health at the U of A, with another shift is in the wind, as Gary is returning into private practice as a chiropractor while continuing his a practice called Arts and Science.



  1. Platinum portraiture is a very unique medium, and upon first look my guess is that most people think these are old photographs from years gone by, vs. newly published work that will “live forever”.
  2. Tell us about the journey to get into museums:  Continued establishing museum collections around the world, including a Musee Jenisch in Geneva, where Auerbach's work was shown with Albrect Durer, Goya, Degas, Toulouse Lautrec and Rembrandt.
  3. You are featured in Wikipedia – tell us about that
  4. So after all these years you’re coming back to chiro?


Curriculum Vitae


Doctorate in Chiropractic (1975), Palmer Chiropractic University, Davenport, Iowa
Bachelor of Science, accounting (1971), University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
MPH (candidate) University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona  (2008-)
MSc University of Liverpool, (Foundation Course) Masters in Clinical Research Adm) 2007
Courses in photography and printmaking, Pima College (2003-2010)


Work Experience:
2010-            Administrator
2004-2006    Chiropractic project coordinator, Bangalore Healthy Cities Initiative, India
2002-2003               Consultant, Palmer Chiropractic University System
1999-2003               Delegate, World Federation of Chiropractic, Framework convention on tobacco control, World Health Organization
1989-pres               Owner, Gary Auerbach Platinum Photography, Tucson, Arizona
1992-2002               Consultant, Life Chiropractic University, Marietta, Georgia
1978-2002               Vice President/Owner, Triple A Pistachios, Cochise, Arizona
1975-1991               Owner/Doctor, Associates in Chiropractic, Tucson, Arizona
1972-1974               Accounting instructor, Palmer Chiropractic University, Davenport, Iowa
1971-1972               Accountant, Audit & Management Department, Coopers & Lybrand Accounting           Firm, San Francisco            

Professional Experience:
1986-2007               Delegate, World Health Organization General Assembly
1994-1998               Member, Board of Directors, Southern Arizona Alzheimer's Association
1993-1994               Candidate, 5th US Congressional District, Arizona
1992-1998               Committee member, Global Task Force on Low Back Pain,
                                                World Health Organization
1990-1993               Co-founder, Southern Arizona Indigent Chiropractic Health Clinic, Tucson, Arizona
1989-1992               President & Founder, World Federation of Chiropractic, Toronto, Canada
1984-1989               Member, board of directors, Intern’l Chiropractors Assn., Washington, DC
1984-1989               Conference Chairman, Intern'l Chiropractors Assn., World Health Development Committee
1984                        ICA Pacific Asian Conference
1983                        ICA Pan American Chiropractic Conference                     
1982                        World Chiropractic Conference
1977-1980               Chairman, Pima Area Advisory Group, Health Systems Agency of So. Arizona
1978-1979               President, Chiropractic Association of Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona

In the Museum collections of:
                                Bibliotecque Nationale de France (BNDF)
                                                Harvard Astrophysical Laboratories
                                                Library of Congress (LOC)
                                                Musee de Photographie, Charleroi, Belgium
                                                Musee Carnavalet
                                                San Xavier del Bac Mission Museum
                                                Smithsonian Institution
                                                Tucson Museum of Art
                                                University of Arizona, Center for Creative Photography  (CCP)
                                                University of Maryland/Baltimore
                                                Ville de Geneve Musee de Ethnographie, Switzerland
                                       Musee Jenisch, Vevey Switzerland

Photographic Exhibitions:
2010               Salon D'Automne, Bondy Arts International, Hotel De Ville Paris
2008-9          SOHO Photo Gallery, New York City
2008             Tucson International Airport – Main Gallery
2007             Agora-Gallery, New York    
2007             Musee Jenisch, Vevey Switzerland
2006             Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson, Arizona
2006               Unit D Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2005-06        Tohono Chul Park, Tucson, Az
2002-03                   Amerind Foundation Museum and Art Gallery, Dragoon, Arizona
2002                        Focale Photographie, Nyon, Switzerland
2001                        PH7 Gallery; Brussels, Belgium
2000                        Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ
2000                        Center for Creative Photography; Tucson, AZ
2000                        Pima College; Tucson, AZ
2000                        El Presidio Gallery; Tucson, AZ
1998                        Tucson Museum of Art; Tucson, Arizona
1997                        The Screening Room; Tucson, Arizona
1996                        Hamilton Fine Art Gallery; Bisbee, Arizona
1995                        Hacienda Del Sol Resort; Tucson, Arizona
1994                        Euro-Photo; Geneva, Switzerland
1992                        State Photographic Exhibition Hall; Moscow, Russia

Magazine Publications:
Royal Photograph Society Journal
Photographers Forum
Studio Design
Travel and Leisure
Tucson Lifestyle
Smithsonian Magazine

2010 New York Photofest Annual
Alternative Photography, 2006, Sweden
We Walk in Beauty, 2005
Amerind Foundation Exhibition Catalogue, 2002-2003
Photographers Market, 2002
The Photographers Internet Handbook, Farace, 2001
Location Portraits – Rotovision Books, 2001
Better Picture Guide to Portraits - Rotovision Books, 2001
Tucson, High Desert Harmony Towery Publications, 2001
Millenium Photographs, Tucson Museum of Art, 2000
Principles and Practice of Chiropractic, Scott Haldeman, Appleton and Lange1992
Chiropractic – The Illustrated Guide, Susan Moore,  New Ways to Health 1988

In the private collections (selected listing) of:

Walter Cronkite
James Carville
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Richard Dean Anderson
John DeLancie
Shelly Fabares
Taj Mahal
Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland,  former DG, World Health Organization (WHO)
Lucien Clergue